An Hoa residential area – plot S2

An Hoa 2 residential area located in quarter 3, An Binh ward, is built and did business whole the S1 and S2 plots to satisfy the need of housing for people who has the lower income. Sonadezi An binh joint stock company is changing the scheming area plot S3 and S4 to construct the apartment building and is going to construct in 2012.


I.  Detailed introduction about An Hoa 2 residential project

-   Bounced by the high way 15, high way 1 (about 500 meters) in the East
-   Bounced by the Tran Quoc Toan street in the West
-   Bounced the An Binh residential area in the North, was built, exploited and voted
-   Bounced the Bien Hoa 1 industrial zone in the South, which is going to be the An Binh urban and commercial centre (In 2012, all of factories in Bien hoa Industrial zone 1 are going to be moved)
-   The total of area is 47.008 square meters which is approved, in there the land used for housing is 13.011,4 square metres, is divided into two lots, the remaining land is transportation land and high apartment building, including:

+   Plots S1: 66 houses (26 with two- floor- house, 40 with three- floor- house)

+   Plots S2: 67 houses (26 with two floor-house; 41 with three-floor-house)

+   Plots S3: There are four apartment blocks

Organizing, scheming include functional components as follow:

-   Road: The planning area is located along two planned routes of An Binh residential, these routes are belts as well as the boundaries of scheming area. The West route of the land has a 20 meter milestone, the South of the land is prolonged to Tran Quoc Toan street about 20 meters. These make the advantage traffic with Tam Hiep ward, Binh Da ward and all of the industrial zones of Bien Hoa city.
-   Main Road: 20 meters milestone, 10 meters wide roadway, 2x5 meter sidewalk.
-   Internal road: using to divide into group with 12 meters milestone, 6 meters wide roadway, 2x3 meter sidewalk.
-   Actual status of implementation:

   +  Infrastructure:

Finishing the infrastructure system of whole the plots S1 and S2 including: road (road No.1, No. 2, No. 14 and Road G), the transformer station with a design capacity which ensure to supply the power for households in project area, outdoor lighting system, drainage system plot S1 & S2, electric cable system and underground telephone.

   +  Plot S1 (66 houses)

Finishing to build 66 houses – plot S1. All of the 66 houses sold out and Sonaddezi An Binh joint stock company issued the certificates of land use rights, housing property rights and other assets which are attatched to land (pink book) for customers.

Plot S1 (66 houses)

Plot S2 (67 houses)

II.  Construction and housing business work:

Completed the executive assignment and construction, sold out and issued the certificates of land use rights, housing property rights and other assets which are attached to the land for the customers of Sonadezi An binh joint stock company including 66 houses – plot S1 and 42 houses – plot S2.


In 2011, An Binh joint stock company deployed to build and do business all of 25 houses – plots S2 (including: 9 houses with one ground and 1 floor, 16 houses with 1 ground and 2 floors). Performing the procedure for obtaining a right of land use certification, right of housing ownership and other properties which associate with land (pink book)

The information of 25 houses – plot S2- was built in 2011



  A three- floor- house      
1 S2-1(G) 152,6 277,18 The North
2 S2-2 106,3 236,06 The North
3 S2-3 103,9 236,06 The North
4 S2-4 101,5 236,06 The North
5 S2-5 99,1 236,06 The North
6 S2-6 96,6 236,06 The North
7 S2-7 (G) 133,0 277,18 The North
8 S2-8 86,9 208,32 The West
9 S2-9 87,3 208,32 The West
10 S2-10 87,6 208,32 The West
11 S2-11 87,9 208,32 The West
12 S2-12 88,3 208,32 The West
13 S2-12b 88,6 208,32 The West
14 S2-14 88,9 208,32 The West
15 S2-15 89,3 208,32 The West
16 S2-16 89,6 207,82 The West
  A two -floor-house      
17 S2-59 89,6 136,59 The East
18 S2-60 89,3 136,92 The East
19 S2-61 88,9 136,92 The East
20 S2-62 88,6 136,92 The East
21 S2-63 88,3 136,92 The East
22 S2-64 87,9 136,92 The East
23 S2-65 87,6 136,92 The East
24 S2-66 87,3 136,92 The East
25 S2-67 86,9 136,92 The East
  Total 2381,80 4840,99  

The pictures of 25 houses – plot S2 which was built in 2011

7 houses in the North

house in the West


Near the high way 1A, located in An Binh ward, Bien Hoa city. About 7 kilometers from administrative center of Dong Nai and Bien Hoa city. Near the market, Big C supermarket and Bien Hoa 1, 2 industrial zone, Amata IZ…There are a full technical infrastructure systems, park, trees, community activites housing, kindergarten, tennis ground, badminton ground, footbal ground, commercial center…The raw houses with unique design, cool, and advantage for business is growing.