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Labor Conference 2019

Thursday, 10/01/2019, 07:55 GMT+7

At 09:00 on January 7th, 2019, Sonadezi An Binh Joint Stock Company and the Union branch co-ordinate to organize successfully the Labor Conference of 2019

Attending the conference includes:
- Mr. Le Anh Hoan - General Director 
- Mr. Cao Minh Trung - Deputy General Director 
- Mr. Tran Ho Dung - Deputy General Director 
- Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung - Deputy Secretary of the Party cell
- Mr. Le Van Binh - Chairman of the Labor Union
- Managers of the departments, Directors and Deputy Directors of Enterprises
- All employees working at SZA Company
1 / The Board of Management reports the business results in 2018 and plans for the direction expectation in 2019.
2 / Representatives of the labor Union reported the results of inspection and supervision of the implementation of the collective agreement and the regimes, policies, regulations and bylaws of the company.
3 / Electing members representing labor collectives to participate in regular dialogues band in 2019, including 7 members:
- Mr. Le Van Binh - Accounting Department.
- Ms. Tran Thi Kim Phuoc  - Administration – Personnel Department
- Ms. Tran Thi Kim Phuong  - Administration Personnel Department
- Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung Enterprise of Construction Materials & Services
- Mr. Tran Van Giau Enterprise Management & Trading Industrial Park
- Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan Enterprise of Construction Materials & Services
- Mr. Nguyen Viet Thanh Construction Enterprise
4 / Signing the collective labor agreement:
In order to create an important legal basis, to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the parties in labor relationship, in order to build a harmonious and stable labor relationship between the two parties. The representative of the employer is Mr. Le Anh Hoan, General Director of SZA Company and the representative of the employees is Mr. Le Van Binh, Chairman of the Labor Union, signing the collective labor agreement.
5 / Announcing the Decision of rewarding emulation titles and awarding certificates of merit to collectives and individuals who achieved the title of emulation in 2018 including:
- Collective title:
   + Advanced labor collective includes 4 collectives: Administration - Personnel Department; Accounting department; Enterprise Management & Trading Industrial Park; Construction Materials & Services Enterprise.
- Personal title:
   + Emulation soldiers: 21 individuals
   + Advanced labor: 102 individuals
   + Complete tasks: 02 individuals
6 / Awarding sport activities to celebrate the 19th establishing anniversary of the SZA Company (January 7th, 2000 - January 7th, 2019) including:
     6.1. Badminton tournament:
                                 + First prize: couple Nguyen Van Trung + Doan Thi Huu
                                 + Second prize: couple Le Tuong An + Phan Thi Thuong 
                                 + Third prize: couple Nguyen Viet Thanh + Tran Thi Kim Phuong
                                 + Consolation prize: couple Nguyen Quoc Huy + Bui Thi Huong 
     6.2. Mini football tournament
                                 + First prize: Construction Enterprise team
                                 + Second prize: Construction Materials Enterprise & Service team
                                 + Third prize: Company Office team and construction team of water supply (belonging to Construction Enterprise)
     6.3. Folk games:
                                 + First prize: Company office team and Industrial Property Management Enterprise
     6.4. Tug:
                                 + First prize: Company Office team
     6.5. Understand teamwork game:
                                 + First prize: Company Office team
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