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Tuesday, 09/01/2018, 13:44 GMT+7

On January 5th, 2018, Sonadezi An Binh joint stock company organized the 18th establishment anniversary.

Attending the ceremony included:
- Representative of People's Committee of An Binh Ward, Bien Hoa City
- Representatives of  member companies and SZA’s customers
- All SZA’s employees
Mr. Le Anh Hoan - General Director reported the result of SZA’s business in 2017 and the expectation of executing plan in 2018
On the occasion of the SZA's 18th anniversary. The SZA’s Union within the Youth union organized the sports activities including: badminton; bagging jump; Tug of war; mini football
The results are as follows:
1. Badminton:
                                 + First prize: couple of Ngoc Thuy and Mai Hoa
                                 + Second prize: couple of Thanh Long and Kim Anh
                                 + Third prize: couple of Quan Cấp and Kim Phuong
                                 + Consolation prize: couple of  Quoc Huy  a nd Thanh Ngan
2. Mini Football Tournament:
                                 + First prize: Team of building materials & services enterprise 
                                 + Second Prize: Team of company office
                              + Third prize: Team of Construction Enterprise and Water Supplying Construction team (under Construction Enterprise)
 3. Bagging jump:
                                 + First prize: company office team
                                 + Second prize: Team of building materials & services enterprise
                                 + Third prize: Construction Enterprise Team
4. Tug of war:
                                 + First prize: Team of building materials & services enterprise
                                 + Second Prize: Team 1 of the Company office
                                 + Third Prize: Team 2 of company office
Image awards sports movements
Badminton prize

Tug of war prize

Bagging jump prize
Champion team of mini soccer
The 2nd and 3rd prize of mini soccer
 Especially the lottery program with 65 gifts which is worth of 80 million VN

The 3rd prize of lottery program
The 2nd prize of lottery program
The 1st  prize of lottery program