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Sonadezi An Binh joint stock company reached the milestone of VND 350 billion

Friday, 01/02/2019, 09:12 GMT+7

By the end of 2018, Sonadezi An Binh Joint Stock Company achieved impressive growth results. In which, the basic targets all reached and exceeded the plan with the growth of 19% to 74%.

Accordingly, business results in 2018 of Sonadezi An Binh recorded revenue of over VND 350 billion, reaching 174% of the plan; pre-tax profit was about VND 14.64 billion, reaching 144% of the plan; pay about 7.15 billion VND to the budget, 119% of the plan and dividend payout ratio is expected to be about 20%.

In 2018, industrial zone (IZ) infrastructure business, construction material production and construction continued to make up a large proportion of Sonadezi An Binh's business results. In particular, Suoi Tre Industrial Park brings revenue of 50 billion VND; construction material production contributed VND 100 billion with output of over 90,000 m3, surpassing 117% compared to the year plan and construction activities contributed VND 145 billion to the total revenue of the Company.


Particularly, Suoi Tre Industrial Park with a total area of 149.5 ha has attracted 18 investors with a total area of 95.9 ha / 97.4 ha; reached 98% occupancy rate. With the remaining land area, Sonadezi An Binh is deploying the construction of a leasing factory cluster of about 25,000 m2. At the same time, the company is raising the capacity of the wastewater treatment plant (phase 2) to 2,600 m3 / day and expanding the area of Suoi Tre Industrial Park by 4 hectares to meet the demand of land lease of new investors. as well as the need to expand the factories of existing businesses in the IP  

In the An Hoa 2 and An Hoa 3 Residential Areas, with convenient location, synchronous and modern planning and added value from surrounding utilities, the project has created a great attraction for market. In 2018, Sonadezi An Binh continues to complete construction and completion of 30 houses connected with S3 lots. Besides, the company is implementing the clearance clearance of 2.4 ha and implementing the project of building Block A - 16 garden villas on a compensation plot of 6,000 m2 of An Hoa Residential Area 3

In parallel with the implementation of projects, in order to improve the management capacity, internal resources of the company and meet the development needs, Sonadezi An Binh has implemented the management structure and strengthened the excavation work. created for employees. Also in 2018, Sonadezi An Binh completed the upgrade of the management system according to ISO 9001: 2015 and was awarded a certificate by Bureau Vertas Certification (BVC)
Sharing about 2019 plan, leaders of Sonadezi An Binh Joint Stock Company said that although there are still many difficulties in site clearance, with the support from the parent company - Sonadezi Corporation and companies members, with the efforts of staff and brand reputation and product quality, Sonadezi An Binh aims to continue growing. In which, revenue is expected to reach 272 billion, up 35% compared to the plan of 2018; profit reached 11.4 billion, up 12% compared to the plan of 2018 and dividend dividend is 20%.                                                                                                                             
                                                                                                                                 According to the Enterprise Forum news source